Deadlands: life in the wastes

Bury me in Kodachrome Basin

The party managed to avoid a trap set by Stud and his remaining raiders and ambushed the ambushers. Angered by his defeated ambush, Stud called out the party from across the grand Canyon and demanded they meet him in Kodachrome basin in a couple of days to settle things.

Stud was true to his word this time and was indeed there this time. Up close he looked like he was huge and in constant pain, bald, and slightly malformed. Every visible spot on his face was filled with piercings. He made unusual facial expressions and twitched a lot. He wore what looked like a mechanical battle-suit.

The party showed up, and when Kellian-3 charged and attacked, Stud detonated explosives around him caving them both into a wormling nest. Grandmother Deadwind once again tried to choke stud out by blocking his throat with smog magic only to have Stud reveal his new tracheotomy piercing. After an epic battle, the party managed to defeat Stud and make quick work of the wormlings that were surrounding them. They escaped with Stud’s body and Brother Tobias nuked the wormling nest from above, showing them the true power of the glow.

It turned out that Stud was just a malformed head without a body. Stranger still, he was steering the mech suit by manipulating an array of wires and pulleys embedded all over his face with the piercings. Those weren’t facial ticks at all! Before the party could retrieve it, the malformed head melted into goo and was absorbed into the dry desert sands of Utah.

Frogton was safe, for now…



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