Hey there hoss

Whoa there, no need to get jumpy. It’s not often you hear about running into another person in the wastes. Sometimes it can be downright desolate.

You don’t look so good, then again none of us do really, not since the hand of God came down and wiped those city-dwelling sinners out. Now-a-days we decent folks got to stick together. Have some water. There’s slavers, mutants, cultists, death machines, wars for resources, and people just need to… hey, is that ghost rock you’ve got there?

Hey Pete, this meat-bag’s got some ghost rock, waste him for me willya?… \spit\ See you on the other side, hoss.

Welcome to the new campaign!


We will try to meet every Sunday 4PM for some HoE, let me know if that time/day doesn’t work for anyone. Please review and understand your class’s rules and keep your character sheets up to date. As GM I will assist as needed but the less intervention needed the smoother the game will run.


Deadlands: life in the wastes

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