Deadlands: life in the wastes

Establishing a trade caravan

Frogton had defeated the raiders thanks to Grandmother Deadwind and her new strange friends. A celebration was held in their honor. Chef’s famous frog pies for all!

Brother Tobias told the townsfolk of how the party defeated the menace to the area and freed them all from slavery by defeating the tyrant-creature known as Stud, his men, and an entire hive of wormlings. The crowd was riveted by his soothing voice and tale-telling prowess. (legend chip!) He even managed to get a few people so interested that they started a local Frogton chapter of the Church of the Glow.

The next morning, a council was convened. Grandmother Deadwind and Brother Tobias—now local celebrities—were invited to attend and asked to weigh in on an important matter. Frogton’s isolationism didn’t work to keep them safe. The town was in bad shape after the attack and would need supplies. Should the old ways of hiding be broken? If so, someone would need to establish contact with the outside world. But who? Grandmother Deadwind thought it was a good idea and offered to help. Chef Lemeux insisted he go as well.

After helping rebuild a bit and saying goodbye to the townspeople, the party (which now includes Chef) headed North to the nearest town to establish trade. Jana-chan recognized this path, it was along the remains of this freeway behind the rusted out shells of car bodies and among the thick brush that she found Kellian-3.

After some traveling they came across a well-groomed boy, Ulysses and his caretaker, Miss Perkins standing in front of a cart with a wrecked axle and no horses. They needed a ride into town and the group agreed to help them. Ulysses was an inquisitive boy and spent much time talking to and examining Kellian-3 while Jana slept. Miss Perkins was polite and kept to herself. Grandmother Deadwind talked her ear off. Upon arrival Ulysses gave them $1000 (a huge sum for such a boy!) as payment and they left.

From their last visit, Jana and Kellian were outlaws in this town—for threatening and stealing whiskey from a local bartender. They decided to lay low and snuck over to Prof. Fantabulous’ lab. The professor was up to his usual hyjinx and wanted detailed data about his device installed in Kellian-3 and details of Jana’s account of events in the Battle of Frogton.

Meanwhile, Grandmother Deadwind and Brother Tobias found a trade caravan and its leader, James Tanner, offered to establish trade with Frogton if the group would accompany him for the rest of his trade route. They agreed.



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